A mosaic is pieces of things put together to make a piece of art. LIFE is a work of art….and what we choose to do with it, can be a beautiful thing. I want to squeeze every bit of beauty out of it that I can. I don’t want to miss anything, and I want to take the time to enjoy the things in my life that God has blessed me with.

My mosaic is lots of bits and snatches of “stuff”. My mosaic is things like inspiration, recipes, fixing up the farmhouse, parenting, financing college, how I feel about things, things I believe, what has worked for me and what hasn’t.

Some of these thoughts are ones that have occurred in the middle of the night, or at sunrise. Ideas from the middle of mayhem, or from the stillest and quietest moments…..

I have three kids I love with the usual ups and downs of life, and a sweet husband (whom I also love) with a usual job. I work part time at three different jobs, and we have a small farm. Which I guess you could count that as an extra job. So life is really busy, but good. I CHOOSE to live intentionally, and with purpose.

So I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a Christian, and a friend………




  1. I saw what you said on another blog about a fav bookstore in Lincoln City and I think you just might be a neighbor …….so Hello neighbor 🙂

    • I’m only about an hour away. But Bob’s used books is my FAVE!!! I have been going there for about 18 years. Have you been to Tsunami coffee and chocolates??

      I looked at your blog. LOOOOVE the recipe! I’m still new at this so I want to go back and try to leave a comment. You white wicker rocker looks like mine!
      God bless!

  2. I just moved here in Jan. so I havent been to many places yet. Been busy trying to unpack and settle in. Next time your heading out this way tho…email me and maybe we can connect. I think that would be fun. 🙂

  3. Love this post! Particularly the part about having hay pulled out of your hair at church…lol

    • LOLOL Oh my goodness it happens all the time! Once I almost accidently wore my barn boots to church, caught myself just in time. I was already in the car and driving down the driveway. I’m glad I caught myself though….I was supposed to lead music that morning!!

      Thanks so much for stopping in!! I appreciate it!

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