Posted by: fionasmosaic | January 26, 2014

Seasons & Setbacks


So this last 18 months has been an interesting season for me. I have had a few health setbacks that have slowed me down, but certainly haven’t stopped me. It’s nothng horrible, my thyroid has been a bit up and down and my allergies have acted up. All I can do is take care of myself, keep moving forward, and make sure I’m informed.


I had to take a few things off of my schedule and do some adjusting. Sometimes life gets redirected. Sometimes it takes a left turn when we wanted to go right. Sometimes we have to stop, take stock, and formulate a new plan……………or just say “There is no plan. I have no idea what happens next and I’m OK with that!”  I throw my arms up over my head and scream as I go down the hill on the roller coaster.


But I am filling out my goal sheet……and looking ahead. I have learned so much. You can check out my goal sheet here. Fiona’s Goal Sheet


January has been all about getting the house back in order, reading some good books, and making some plans for 2014. For us January is always a more restful season, and I appreciate the slower pace. I almost hate to see January end.


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