Posted by: fionasmosaic | November 4, 2012

Habit #2-Eat Breakfast!!

OK……so they say that eating breakfast gives your metabolism a jump start and gets it burning calories. It also helps with regulating your blood sugar. It also helps with keeping your mind sharp and focused.


So WHY wouldn’t I want help with ALL those things??


Gosh I don’t know, maybe I like being an idiot in the morning? LOL


Somewhere we have it in the backs of our minds that skipping meals is helping us, and it truly isn’t.


Sometimes I would skip breakfast, but I made a commitment to be more on top of this, and also to try to help my hubby with this. So now I try to get up with him (at O’dark thirty!!) and make sure he gets a breakfast too.


It only takes about 5 minutes to make a batch of raisin, cinnamon oatmeal. And that is GOOD for you! It  lowers your cholesterol.


Or you could make a yoghurt fruit smoothie. Fiona’s Smoothie

It doesn’t have to be big or elaborate. It only take a few minutes. And it is SO GOOD for you.

So Habit #1 was giving up one fatty thing in my day, in my case  the half and half in my coffee. Habit #2 is eating breakfast. This is not hard stuff, but it does make a big difference. Jump on the habit wagon with me!



  1. I’m with you because it’s hard in this society–with all the garbage that is thrown in our faces on a regular–to want to eat something healthy in the morning; luckily now, I can’t go a meal without having nothing but nutrients:))

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