Posted by: fionasmosaic | October 25, 2012

I Moustache You Something??


Sometimes you just need a boost. Sometimes you just need to laugh out loud.


One of the best instigators of spontaneous laughter is my middle daughter.


A while back we had a back patio birthday party for her. A bunch of her friends got together here and we had a BBQ, cupcakes, and gathered around the firepit. It was such a fun evening.


And everyone was wearing fake moustaches………..

The girls and their “staches”!


Yes, I do mean everyone. 



After the party, for weeks, I was finding moustaches everywhere. They were on the porch, in the laundry, stuck to things in the kitchen……………I even found one at rehearsal down at the church. I just happened to look down and see something stuck to the bottom of my foot. I pulled it off my shoe and started laughing, and then the background vocalists started laughing. I stuck it on my mic, I thought maybe it would look like I had a moustache while I was singing.


When I was pulling a moustache out of the washing machine, I stuck it on a bleach bottle.


This is what I found later.




Oh my gosh!! I laughed so hard!


And now I see it everytime I do laundry. I laugh everytime I see it. The fun just keeps on going. And you gotta admit, anything you can do to make laundry more fun… a good thing.




  1. I’m stealing one from Dad. Absotively! Posilutely! So-o-o funny. Makes my day. Love, Mom

  2. Yes your middle daughter, my adorable niece, brings never ending sunshine and joy into everyone’s life! Love you both! Aunt Carla

    • We always called her the sunshine baby! Love you too!

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