Posted by: fionasmosaic | June 17, 2012

What About Bob???

It’s actually hard to write something about Bob, because that means I have to wrap my mind around the fact that he isn’t here and that is just SO hard for me to comprehend, and certainly not something I want to accept. And how do you describe such a  precious person in a paragraph or two?


Bob loved the Lord, and adored his family. Bob was like sunshine that came into a room and lit it up. Bob was an exceptional artist. Bob knew how to be a friend.


I remember the times we gathered together and laughed, played, ate, fished, sat by the water, hiked, gathered around a fire, hung out, cleaned (remember the garage extravaganza!), celebrated, BBQ-ed, talked parenting strategies, discussed philosophy…….but it really all boiled down to love. We loved hanging out with you guys. You all became part of our family. You loved our kids like they were yours, and we loved yours like they were ours.


I loved how you would help Zelta pick peaches, and berries. You would help the kids with one of their cars, or help a neighbor fix something. You helped people and didn’t take money when they offered it. You would tell it like it was. David would do his Sean Connery impression and you laughed til you cried. Then you would turn around and do your impressions of David and you were SO SPOT ON, and we have never laughed so hard.


But the memory I hold closest to my heart, was when David and I were hurting so bad. You and Z were sitting on the couch, David and I were across from you. I was sitting on the floor and D was in a chair next to me. When we broke down while telling you our pain, you quickly got up and dropped on your knees between D and I, put your arms around both of us and cried with us. And we all prayed together. You were there in our darkest hour. You knew how to be the very best of friends. And you were there when so many others walked away from us, and didn’t even ask if we were OK.


You were a treasure in our life, and I can’t imagine you not in it. I know dear Bob that you struggled, I can’t imagine how hard it must have been, but in my heart that will NEVER be the sum of who you are, because you were just SO MUCH MORE than the alcohol. Your life was so much more than that.


I’m so grateful you’re in the arms of your savior, and I can just picture us all, in heaven, around a campfire……….and you and David are doing the BEST impressions of the disciples EVER!! I can’t wait to see you again my friend. We love you Bob Freakin Fox!!!!!    


   I am including the link to Bob’s Memorial Page. If you want to leave a special memory or would like to make a donation, PLEASE do. He leaves behind a wife, four grown children, and three grandkids.                  



  1. Fiona, I must have read this about half a dozen times through the last two weeks. You captured Bob (and Zelta) so beautifully. God bless you my sweet, Fiona. You are such a treasure.
    Love you so much, Mom

    • Thanks Mom, and thanks for all the support these last couple weeks especially. Love you. :o)

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