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Camping Part 2



Mt St. Helens

OK, so we have learned a few things over the years. A lot of people don’t camp (or sometimes stop camping) because of the preparation involved. So take a look at this, read through, and see if it doesn’t help you with some preparation. If you are super organized, and have some things to add in the comment section to this BY ALL MEANS, PLEASE DO. I have learned a lot, but there are people out there who have camped a lot more than I have and I am always open to new ideas. And by sharing your ideas you may just encourage some one to go for it, and get out into the great outdoors.


At the end of this article I am going to add my camping file that I use to keep me organized. So feel free to copy and print, or just use the template to do your own. Believe me, I’m sure there are some things on my list that you won’t need to worry about…….like worming the goats. Ha ha!



My file is divided into 7 sections:


Camping Menu

Food List (things to pack into the coolers and grocery bags)

Kitchen List (there are a few things I have to take with me from the kitchen)

Don’t Forget List

Things To Do List

Hubby’s “Honey Do” List

Grocery List


  1. About a month ahead I pull up the files and do any necessary updating to the lists.
  2. I then decide what we are going to be having for our breakfasts, lunch, dinners, desserts, and snacks.
  3. I make a grocery list
  4. Tweak “Honey Do” List for Sweet Hubby
  5. I go over my things to do list and tweak accordingly
  6. Print the whole file and attach it to my clipboard


My beautiful Beaver Bay.......

One of the things on my “Things To Do” list is that a couple of weeks ahead of time I start saving the empty milk jugs after we drink the milk. I wash them out well, fill them with filtered drinking water, and then freeze them. I use two per cooler to not only keep our food cold, but provide us with enough clean drinking water since the drinking water at the campground isn’t very good. This also saves us money that would be spent on ice.


I also label my coolers with the day, and then pack all the things I need for that day into that cooler. It helps the kids (and the hubby) find what they need without opening all the coolers and /or leaving them open. The fastest way to have your food go bad is people searching through all the coolers constantly.


The Kiddos


When day number one cooler is empty, I take one frozen milk jug and set it on the table for the kids to use (nice cold water-gotta keep the kiddos hydrated) and put the other one in the cooler that is marked for the last day of the camping trip, because that cooler will need the extra cooling since it will have to stay cold the longest.


You can also pick up extra stuff at goodwill or other thrift stores (plates, cups, bowls, mugs etc.), and all your kitchen supplies and pack them into rubbermaid totes so that a lot of your stuff is already pre-packed and ready to go. We just pull ours out, double check our supplies in it, and make sure that we have everything we need. Whatever we don’t have, we add to the grocery list. However we do try to make sure that when we get home from a trip, we check and re-stock supplies, and make sure everything is clean. Having all those items prepacked saves so much time. I will also include a list here of what we have in our rubbermaid totes that STAYS in the totes.


List for Rubbermaid Totes


Fry Pans


Mixing Bowls/Lids


Plastic Glasses




Cutting Board



Hand Sanitizer


Plastic Storage Bags

Clorox Wipes


SOS Pads

Dish Scrubber

Plastic Cont. w/lid 4 grease


Plastic Grocery Sacks



Salt & Pepper

Nature’s Seasoning

Pancake Turner

Steak Knives

Wooden Spoons



Bottle Opener

Can Opener

Basting Brush

Butcher Knife

Paring Knife


Rubber Spatula


Serving spoon

Measuring Cups/Spoons


Our friends that we camp with also try to at the end of the season, buy things they need for the following year. Not only does it mean they have it ready to go, but they get a great price on it because it is the end of the season.


I also make reservations for our animals so they can be boarded at the vets while we are gone. I do this a couple of months in advance so I can be sure I get the time I want. Summer is a tricky time to get reservations, so we plan ahead. This is also the time of year that our animals get their yearly tune-up. Shots, worming, exam, teeth cleaned, nails clipped (since they’re there). They come home in top shape, and REALLY happy to see us. (Insert big grin here…..)


We also make sure we have plenty of medical supplies, and more than we think we’ll need. There was one year where several of us got hurt, and there have been years that none of us got hurt. One thing we were discussing adding to our medical supplies though is an epi-pen, the injection pen that is for allergic reactions. Since we are out in the boonies, and away from a hospital, it makes sense to have one since an allergic reaction can come on hard and fast, and they can be deadly. We also make sure we have plenty of gas in the car so that if we have to hot foot it to town fast because of a medical emergency, we don’t have to worry about stopping.


I also makes sure that all my work stuff is caught up, bills are paid, financial aid stuff is DONE. Otherwise I find it harder to relax when I think of what all I have to do the minute I get home. Yucky.


Maybe it sounds silly to be so prepared, but it makes it much more relaxing for me.


We also double check the “Don’t Forget” list right before we walk out the door. We have almost walked out the door without swimsuits that were washed the day before and hung up to dry, or medications that needed to be taken that morning, and then didn’t get packed.


So that’s it from my side of the fence neighbor!! If you have something to add, I would really appreciate it.



Here is a copy of my files, put together into one document.


There are times you just have to get away. I am linking up to A Beach Cottage “Good Life Wednesday”, great befores and afters, flowers, bits and snatches of beauty, taking time out to reconnect to family and the great outdoors! Let’s get back to the good life!

Go check it out!


Camping Info




Lunch                        Dinner

Sandwiches          Burgers

Carrot Sticks       Chips


Snacks: Chips-Muffins-Granola bars



Breakfast                       Lunch                                                     Dinner

Eggs/cheese                 Sandwiches                                         Porkchops

Bacon                              Yoghurt                                                 Potatos

                                            Chips                                                         Salad


Snacks: Cookies-smores-yoghurt



Breakfast                     Lunch                                                     Dinner

Bacon                            Sandwiches                                         Steaks/Hot Dogs

French Toast               Carrot Sticks                                        Broccoli

                                           Yoghurt                                             Fruit Salad


Thursday Breakfast



PS On the above menu, I couldn’t get the file to transfer with the nice vertical lines I had, so just pretend. OK? OK.


Food List





Hot Chocolate



Ham. Buns




Hot. Buns


Shredded Cheese




Eggs-2 dozen







Ham. Patties

Peanut Butter









Granola Bars


Hot Dogs


Graham Crackers


Natures Seasoning

Olive Oil

Lemon & Garlic

Salt & Pepper















Kitchen Supplies



Dish Towels

Paper Towels


Sm Pot

Dish Soap

Grease Containers

Big Pot

Water Filter




Syrup Container

Bottle Opener


Clothes Pins

Sm Juice Pitcher

Can Opener


Tin Foil

Butter Container

Pancake Turner


Sm Canner

Plastic Storage Bags

Big KNife


Irish Toast Corningware


Wooden Spoon



Hand Sanitizer

Serated Knife



Rubber Gloves

Paring Knife?



Plastic Grocery Bags

French Press




Zip Bags




Don’t Forget List

Cell Phone Charger






Cough Drops

Drinking Water (not fr)


Allergy Meds

Cough Medicine



Thyroid Meds

Kids Medicine

Water Floaties

Ins. Cards/Purse

Pain Meds

Band Aids

Medical Books

Walkie Talkies



Warm Coats

Batteries (WT & lights)

Sleeping bags


Hydrogen Peroxide

Air Mattress


Water Bottles

Antibiotic Ointment

Garbage Bags

Bug Spray

D’s Meds

Cortizone Cream

Swimsuits/Life Jackets

Fun Bag

Clorox Wipes

Water Socks


Water bottle



Baseball Cap

Kleenex Box

Nail Brush


Camp Chairs


Toothpaste /Brush



Aloe gel

Campho Phenique


Phone Book


First Aid Supplies





To Do List


Make Vet Reservations


Costco Shopping


Winco Shopping


Check Horse, Goat, and Chicken supplies


Worm Horse & Goats


Dukies Shots








Financial Aid Papers


Check Camping Boxes


Animal Schedule



Sweet Hubby’s List

Take Vehicle to mechanic

Oil Change

Look Over


Fill Propane Tanks


Pull Out & Check Camping Gear


Check out Utility Trailer

Wash and/or sweep out

Check Lights


Wash Vehicle


Check Emergency Roadkit


Load Up Wood


Fill Vehicle with Gas (night before)



Grocery List







  1. You are incredible!! Makes me want to think of a fun place to camp!! I love you and wish so much we could have connected at Corri’s event.

    • I missed you too! Would have loved to have seen you guys! Corris show was wonderful. We had to go early because D was so tired and had to get to bed.

      And you should go camp some where! You would love it! And we still have plenty of nice weather left.
      Love you! Thanks for stopping in here!

  2. Great post! Many lovely helpful tips. Thanks so much for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  3. We are campers in our family and I am in the midst of preparing for our Summer beach camping holiday. It is so much fun and we love camping. It is great to see your lists and how organised you are. I too love a good list and like to be prepared. Great post. Deb

    • Ahhh……Deb I’m Jealous! You must live somewhere where it’s summer right now? Camping and the beach are two of my favorite things put together. It’s mid winter here now, and I”m so ready for spring to come. Have a great trip! And thanks for stopping in!

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