Posted by: fionasmosaic | June 9, 2011

Lilacs & Moonlight

Sweet sweet beauty.........


Last night I was doing my chores……I was headed from the chicken coop towards the barn, and I have to walk past the lilac bush.

Our lilac bush is HUGE, in fact it may be more than one I am not sure. But it’s about ten feet wide and eight feet tall.

As I walked past the smell of it was especially intense and I found myself actually walking into the bush. It was completely by accident, because it was dark out there, but I was not entirely unhappy about it at all. It was glorious! The smell was AMAZING, and the branches seemed to enfold me.

I looked up and the moonlight was hitting some of the spires of flowers and it was so beautiful with the silver light gracing the edges of the flowers. Momentarily it all felt like a bit of heaven, and I thought, “Dear Heavenly Father, you are so INDULGENT. I feel so spoiled that you would take one of my favorite smells and just wrap me in it in the moonlight.”

It was truly one of those “Love Note Moments” from him, something truly personal that he KNOWS my heart, and adores me.


And believe me………….it’s mutual.


Perfect end to a day......

 And I am linking up to A Beach Cottage “Good Life Wednesday”, great befores and afters, flowers, bits and snatches of beauty, and some puppy love! Let’s get back to the good life!

Go check it out!




  1. A divine moment, love those special whispers that say, ‘I am with you child and I know your heart’…
    x x De

    • So true Denise, they are so precious. Sending you a big hug today Denise!

  2. Lovely post and pics. Thank you for sharing at BC Good Life Wednesdays.

    • Thanks so much for having us Sarah! And I’m so glad you liked my pictures, that means a lot coming from you, it really does. Thanks for all the BC love and sending some WC (west coast) love back to ya!! Someday I hope to show you my coast if you ever make it out this way, and then we can go junking. That would be too fun! Hugs and God bless!

  3. Wow I love Lilac , such a fabulous smell , can also smell it looking at your gorgeous photos xx Ava

    • There is NO other smell that comes close to it huh? Thanks for the compliment Ava! I’m so glad you liked the pictures! God bless!

  4. Lucky you. I miss having lilacs and hope one day to find someone around here that will let me dig some up to plant. My first home had a lilac hedge all across the back of the property. I was in heaven every spring.

    • A lilac hedge sounds DIVINE! I bet that was beautiful!

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