Posted by: fionasmosaic | March 24, 2011

Bragging Rights!!

 I promise not to do this all the time…………but I got a disc, from my dear friend Cindy (a photographer) of pictures she took of the puppies, and me with the puppies. Oh be still my heart!! They are so adorable! The puppies…..not me. lolol


Cuter than cute!






Baby Daisy!

A "Red Fox" yellow lab-note the blue eyes! She's so pretty!


This was our first puppy experience, and it was very fun! I don’t have grandbabies yet, but dog-gone it (no pun intended!) I have grandpuppies! Enjoy the beautiful babies, they all have homes now (sniff-sniff), but there are two that live local with friends of mine. I will get to watch them grow up. I’m so thrilled!




Some of the babies and I! My coat looked like their mama.







Puppy Love!


Sleepy babies......





What's not to love about a pile of puppies??


So let this brighten your day! Lovely little puppies! That in picture form never do anything evil on the carpet, or chew something they shouldn’t! I guess you would call that “puppy perfection” huh?

The puppy pictures were shot by my dear friend Cindy from

Cindy Rose Photography


Newberg, Oregon

She owned the female labrador

Thank you Cindy for making this such a great experience!!! Love you!


There are times you just HAVE to laugh. For some additional giggles you can check out the “Humor” section of my blog. Hope it brightens your day! And I am linking up to A Beach Cottage “Good Life Wednesday”, great befores and afters, flowers, bits and snatches of beauty, and some puppy love! Let’s get back to the good life!

Go check it out!




  1. Too cute, what is there not to like about puppies

    • My thought exactly! They sure do bring a smile to my face. Thanks for stopping in!!

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