Posted by: fionasmosaic | March 16, 2011

Short Lived Victory & The Dog In Question


The baby boy in the batch!

OK!! I got everything done! And I do mean everything! I even went through old homework lists that my accountant gave me so there would be no surprises.


I hate getting the taxes ready for our accountant. I have a small business, so it is just a PAIN. Taxes and financial aid are my least favorite things to do. Ok….just paperwork in general.


I would much rather be outside….


But I did get everything done.


I have had people high fiving me, I have been doing the happy dance (not gonna lie!), and celebrating with a little chocolate here and there. For the first time in Sanders history, completely DONE before the appoinment! YAY ME!


Everything was done, totalled, and double checked. I even re-added everything so there would be no math errors.


We finished our appoinment, and were just catching up a little. They have been our accountants for at LEAST 20 years. Their kids were young, and our’s were babies back then. But now they’re grandparents, so we were looking at pictures. I updated them on my kids and said, “No grandbabies yet. Gotta get them married first.” But then I remembered the puppy pictures! And who doesn’t love adorable puppy pictures??

Are they not the cutest???



So I pulled them out to show her. She oohed and aaahed. She asked if the puppies lived with us, I said no, and told her my male lab fathered them. She said, “Did he earn any money?? Did he have any expenses?”


Oops. Yes he did.                          


So GUESS WHAT??? I’M NOT DONE!!!!!! And now I am doing the dog’s part of the taxes!!


The dog in question.....and the proud daddy!



But I am taking today off from taxes, and I’ll finish tomorrow morning.


Can you believe it??? Only me….Oh the irony. I was so excited to be finished.


I am laughing about it a LOT. It helps.


The puppy pictures were shot by my dear friend Cindy from

Cindy Rose Photography


Newberg, Oregon

She owned the female labrador


There are times you just HAVE to laugh. For some additional giggles you can check out the “Humor” section of my blog. Hope it brightens your day! And I am linking up to A Beach Cottage “Good Life Wednesday”, great befores and afters, flowers, bits and snatches of beauty, let’s get back to the good life!

Go check it out!


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