Posted by: fionasmosaic | February 5, 2011

You know your a farm wife when……….








  1. You become a surgeon over the phone with your vet
  2. You accidently wear a baling twine ponytail to the bank-more than once
  3. You find a mouse head in your hallway, and you’re not freaked out, you’re just excited the kitties are doing their jobs
  4. You drive through town with a goat in the back of your suburban
  5. Your daughter beats the youth group boys arm wrestling, and the boys want to know “how come”?
  6. Big black rubber barn boots are the fashion statement at our house and they go with everything!
  7. You know how to fix an electric fence, and keep the barn from flooding, and shoot
  8. When you are learning to give shots, you give the first one ever to yourself, on accident
  9. You’re out there hauling hay……in a tornado (and they say country life is boring-HA!)
  10. The word “fire” scares the you like nothing else
  11. You are willing to do battle with a skunk if it means saving the lives of your chickens
  12. You have found unusual animals at your place, most folks find dogs and cats. But we have found…….llamas-horses-cows-goats-coyotes-foxes-beavers-a rooster and even a moutain lion just wandering
  13. Your horse gets a pedicure more often than you do
  14. You go to church and your very kind friends are always pulling hay out of your hair-Thanks girls!

Dear Farm Girls, partners in crime, my farm friends that work so incredibly hard……please add to this list as you see fit.


But it’s a good life……..the best! And I am linking up to A Beach Cottage “Good Life Wednesday”

Go check it out!



  1. […] just stumbled upon her blog after I wrote this, I’ve dedicated this post to Fiona’s Mosaic, because she wrote the most hilarious post about being a farm wife.  Check her out!} This entry was posted on Friday, February 4th, 2011 at 8:30 pm and posted […]

    • Oh my gosh! This is so sweet! I’m so honored.

      And of course now I need to read this book! Elinore sounds like my grammy, there is some southern wisdom there.

      I’m shooting you an email with a question too…I’m new at this blogging stuff. :o)
      God bless!

  2. I just heard about the Good Life meme and am glad I did because it led me to you.
    This weekend I learned of a Farm Friend weekly link up. I hope you add this post.

    • Oooooooooo! My ears just perked up! Farm Friend weekly link up??? Where at??

      Thanks so much for stopping in! Dogs are one of my favorite things in all the world!
      God bless!!

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