Posted by: fionasmosaic | January 13, 2011

Watch Out 2011!!! Here I come!


I was not born organized. I’m not good at it. I’m still working on so much……still learning. I have come a long way out of neccessity.

Goal setting keeps me focused.......


When I was a new mommy and a little overwhelmed, I was attending a wonderful bible study. Right around New Years our bible study leader had us take a break from the biblical for a week and fill out a goal sheet. That was in 1989 (or possibly 1990) and I have been using that basic template (I tweaked it and made it my own) for 22 years. Thank you Mary Wilkes!!! I’m so grateful!

The thing about having goals is that it helps keep me focused. It is a reminder to me to not lose sight of what I want to accomplish. I use it to plan my week and month.

I try to keep it realistic, I pray about the upcoming year, and I also do a little dreaming on my goal sheet (mostly the long term stuff). I have different catagories, and then three stages of each category: Immediate, Short term, and Long Term.

I type it out, print it, put it in a plastic sleeve (one that I can write on), and it goes in the first couple of pages of my “House Journal” that sits on my kitchen counter. I promise to do a post on my house journal later. It’s a wonderful tool and helps keep me sane!!

Starting the year without goals makes me feel as if I’m wandering aimlessly through the year without direction. A ship with no compass, and no rudder won’t get very far.

So here it is! Enjoy! Feel free to copy and retweak to make it your own. If you have trouble copying it contact me via my facebook page…… the top of this page and to the right-just click on it!

Hope this helps some of us who are not born organized! 

I’m linking this up to a link up party at “A Beach Cottage”. 

LOTS of fun going on over there today!!                                                         

Goal setting gives me direction..........


                                Immediate                  Short Term              Long Term

Spiritual Read Heart of the Artist, Fast Read Emotionally Healthy Church-again! Teach @ Women’s Retreat Someday
David “Just Because” gifts Picnic and Hike Warm Weather Weekend
Family Firepit,Beach Day, BB Game & Track w/ Bub, Movie w/ Girls, Garden Time, Field Trip-2xm, CA Trip,
Physical Swim-1xw Ride-1xw Exercise Room
Financial Property Taxes, Take out loan and pay off car, Pay off Vet, Pay off Car #2 Pay off creditcard, Build Savings, Invest
Home Strip Kitch. Wallpaper, Paint Kitchen, Kitchen Curtains Tiles, Strip Girls Room, Carpet, Paint Girl’s Room Repaint Bubba’s Room
Mental Hot Tub-1x, Filing-Fri, Clean off Desk Bi-Weekly Field Trip & Library Spa Day
Business Purchase Library Membership, New Business Cards, Frame & Display Art, Paint pic on Canvas Art 4 Website, Show @ Coffee Cottage, Show @ Chapters, Get Scanner PMPA, or PPA
Personal Clean Bedroom Finish Blanket, Rice Bags, Clean Out Closet Week @ a Spa


  1. I can help with one of those goals! How about a Facial my treat!!! Call me and I will put you on the schedule. I work Tues, Thur, Fri 10am-9pm and Sat from 9-5

    • Oh my gosh Vicki! I would so take you up on that! I have never EVER had a facial, except one that I given myself. Not only that but it would be SO SO fun to see you and catch up! I will call you. Thanks so much sweetie!

  2. Oh my gosh! You are so organized – you are my new hero! I can only dream of being this on top of things!

    I may have to copy your idea, I love the short and long term goals. Its like an abridged business plan for life!

    Thanks for sharing!

    PS I also love your photographs!

    • Bless your heart! What a sweet thing to say! Just remember this is something to shoot for………..the jury is still out on wether it all gets accomplished. lol

      And thank you for the compliment of the photos! Probably about 92 percent of them are mine. There are a few that I borrowed. Like the guy on the ladder (“Amish State of Mind” article). I knew my mom would get mad if we were trying to do pictures with me up a ladder. I do climb the ladder, but I don’t think she would want me distracted while up there because were trying to get a good shot! lol

      Organizing is a learned skill, one I’m still learning. But I figured I’m not the only one, so if it helps somebody, I’m happy. I shared the goal sheet, because Mary shared it with me. She rocked!

      Thank you Kelly!

  3. […] But I am filling out my goal sheet……and looking ahead. I have learned so much. You can check out my goal sheet here. Fiona’s Goal Sheet […]

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