Posted by: fionasmosaic | January 2, 2011

New Years Revolutions-Part One



It is New Years Day, and people everywhere are making resolutions. The word resolution implies a firm decision.


One day, about 4 years ago, one of my extra girls (that I have known since she was a wee thing) said to me, “Auntie Fi, have you decided on any New Years Revolutions?” Someone quickly corrected her and said it was supposed to be resolutions. But after thinking about it, I decided I really did like Katie’s question best. Revolutions implies RADICAL change, not just a decision. Revolutions speaks of not being willing to go along with how things are but to put FEET on my decision, and move forward.


Some people don’t believe in making resolutions, some people do. But I do think it is a natural time to take stock and look back, and then to also look forward. I’m a goal setter so the closing of a year is a perfect time for making some plans. I actually set aside time twice a year to take stock, set some goals, and actually fill out an action plan.


I will share with you what my goals and plans are. But in the meantime……what are your goals and plans? Could you use a revolution right about now? Take some quiet time to think about what single thing you would most like to see changed in your life. Are there any steps YOU can take to move in a forward direction towards that goal?


Thank you Katie Bird! You forever changed how I look at New Years! I love you!

Take some quiet time, and put feet on your decision.


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