Posted by: fionasmosaic | November 18, 2010

Cold & Flu Prep “Thorn In the Flesh” Part Two


Okey dokey!! So, much as I wish it would hold off a little longer…it’s not. Winter is fast on it’s way, and since myself and several of my dear friends have auto immune disorders, winter can hit us a little harder, and it takes us longer to recover.

It’s best if we can avoid getting sick in the first place. So keep your hands clean, stock up on your hand sanitizer, take your vitamin C, and get plenty of rest. A well rested body fights back better. An exhausted body makes you vulnerable.

But here’s a few things you want to stock up on:

Have some homeade soup in the freezer.....

Vitamin C

Or canned if you don't have time..........


Orange Juice

Homeade (in the freezer) or canned Chicken Soup




Eucalyptus Bath (for soaking in the tub)

I’m also working on a soap formula for the shower to combine with the steam to help clear my sinuses.


Don't forget the OJ!! Viruses can't live in an acid environment.

This is my list. I go through my medicine cupboard with my list and double check everything. Costco is a great place to stock up. They even have the canned chicken soup.

Obviously people have their own things they choose to have on hand, some have some great homeopathic remedies. So please add your suggestions in the comments-it may help someone else. The point is…..make a list, and make sure you have what you need BEFORE you need it. There is nothing worse than feeling miserable, walking around the store trying to find what you need, when the ONLY place you want to be is at home in bed.

So make a quick trip to the store so you (and your family) have what they need before cold and flu season hits. They will thank you, and if you come down with the nasties, you will be grateful you have everything.

This is step one….I am so going to own this winter!! Yay!!



  1. Aura Cacia makes some great shower tablets. Here is the link. If you click on the name of it, an ingredient list pops up. Maybe it will give you ideas for your soap:) xoxo

    • Ooooo…..thanks Tiff! I’m gong to go check it out right now!!

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