Posted by: fionasmosaic | October 29, 2010

Squirrel Wars-Part Two



Have I said that they are cute??? Trying to focus on the positive here….yeah that’s just about it for the positive.


Ok so they’re cute.


They are also very destructive!


There has been a mama squirrel that builds her little squirrel nest for her children in our barn wall every year. Now I know what your thinking, “awwwwwwww……….”.




I will tell you what that darling little mama squirrel has also been up to. She has been taking apart my favorite saddle blanket to fix up her nest!! Yes, I am with her on that it is a great color (royal blue), and I’m sure it looks very fashionable in her nest. And yes, I am also with her that she wants her family to be comfortable and warm.


But here is where my patience runs thin. Every time I go to the barn, which is several times a day, she cusses at me…every time.


I approach the door……..and she loudly cusses at me, there is a mad scramble as she gathers her babies around her because I am so evil and wicked, and you don’t even want to know the insults she hurls at me. I cannot print them here.


They have pooped on me, destroyed my favorite saddle blanket, dug holes around and in my barn, chewed on our gazebo, they have even destroyed our phone lines about once every year and a half, and they have even chucked nuts at the dog and I from up in a tree…..and I’m evil??? It’s times like this that I think of my Uncle Denny reminding a squirrel that was cussing at him “You know it wasn’t that long ago I was eating your kind for dinner.” So yeah! Take that! And I’ll call my Uncle Denny!


Stay tuned for Part Three of squirrel wars, where I exhibit the ultimate in tolerance and forbearance towards all squirrel kind. And you won’t believe what I get in return.



  1. Awwww…. and I will continue to think Awwwww too thank you! hehe

    • LOLOL You will get a huge kick out of part 3 then Kirsty!! Thanks for stopping in. I loved your post about the nature path. It was LOVELY!!

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