Posted by: fionasmosaic | October 8, 2010

Changing My Mind About Fall

Catch the Beauty of Fall

My friend Melissa is helping me change my mind about fall. She is doing a series of articles called “31 Days of Autumn Bliss”. I would encourage you, if you are fighting the change of seasons like I am, to check it out. She just may change your mind!

Here’s the link:

On that note of trying to enjoy it: My son and I went out yesterday for a hike. He wanted to check out our land for some airsofting spots, and I wanted to take a look at the fenceline and the creek. It’s a decent hike…..up hill and down dale, and good for my lungs and muscles.

There were a lot of leaves floating on the water in the creek, and more leaves coming down all the time. We were trying to pay attention to everything around us, and we were not disappointed.

At one point we startled a deer, as it went leaping across the field away from us I said, “I wish I could leap and run like that.” My son’s response……”Yeah that would be nice, but you would look pretty stupid leaping like that.” Oh my gosh! We laughed so hard! But he’s right!! It would be lovely to do, but I would look REALLY stupid!!

We also discovered as we were walking and looking, that we have fish in our creek! In this house that is cause for some serious excitement! It’s been our son’s dream to have his own place to fish. In fact when he talks about his house “someday”, he never says anything about the house, but he always says that there is a pond out back where he and his daddy and Papa can go fish anytime they want to. So we were so excited! And he is going to study what fish they could be, and how we promote fishlife in our creek.

But the golden day was warm and beautiful, I had a wonderful chat and fun laughing with my son, and I was surrounded by beauty. It was handmade by my Heavenly Father, and tied up with a ribbon of leaves and soft breezes.

Lord, you do all things well!




  1. I do like Inspired room. But your post made me want to embrace fall even more! I am excited for Bubba about the fish. Evan would be going CRAZY! I wonder if there is an inexpensive way to stock it even more — or maybe it would ruin the balance. Maybe something to check into.

    • Hey I thought of another really good reason to love fall! It’s NOT winter!! LOL

    • Yeah Bubba is checking things out. The biggest ones we found were about 2 inches long, LOTS and lots of babies!!

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