Posted by: fionasmosaic | October 5, 2010

FALLing in Love With Fall……Really?


The changing leaves..............

I hate the cold weather, not gonna lie. Yet I am surrounded by people who love the cold and rain. Some of them I even gave birth to! They are still trying to convince me we are blood related…..



So many people LOVE fall, but to me it’s the precursor to WINTER.

I have always hated being cold. That’s one of those things I remember about being a kid, was being cold all the time. Even in the summer because the air conditioning was cranked! LOL

There are actually some good things about having an auto immune disorder, we’ll discuss that another time. But one of the down sides for me, is that the cold makes me ache. My joints hurt, and that’s not fun. To top it off there is no heat in my bedroom in this old farmhouse, but I still wouldn’t trade my old farmhouse, I love it here.

So with the cold, comes pain. But I am going to look at the positives, and try to enjoy the change of seasons. I’n trying to cultivate gratitude in my heart.

Less flies in the barn........

So let’s list out some positives! I am a list person (you should know this about me) and you can add to my fall list if you want to! That would be fun!

  1. The changing colors-let’s tell it like it is, they are BREATH TAKING. Truly a miracle from the Lord’s hand.
  2. Sweaters! Warm and cozy, and they cover us nicely. Just keeping it real people…..
  3. Cocoa, coffee, tea, and cider! YUM! Yay for hot drinks!
  4. The SOUND of the rain, especially when I am not out in it.                                                      

    Kitties desperate for a snuggle......

  5. Irish Stew! And other comfort food…..
  6. Baking yummy things
  7. Reorganizing and cleaning the house, can’t help it, I really do like it.
  8. Time to read- I’m outside so much in the nicer weather there really isn’t much time to read in the summer.
  9. Kitties that are desperate to cuddle!
  10. Less flies in the barn
  11. The upcoming holidays
  12. Getting a chance to work on some knitting or cross-stitch
  13. Soap Making                                                                                                                   

    Irish stew! Yum! Warm and comfy!


That’s all I could think of right now! Feel free to add your two cents worth here, it will be fun! And maybe I will add a few more things to my fall list of things I enjoy about the season.




  1. ~ Chats with friends, curled up in chairs with steaming mugs of something hot

    ~ Soup

    ~ The smell of baking trapped indoors because the windows and doors are not open all of the time.

    ~ YES! Less flies!

    I did not know you have an auto-immune disorder. I am sad to hear that. xo

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Tiff! I love them!

    And I thought of another one….FIRE!

    In the firepit on the back porch, in the fireplace, or the bonfire by the barn…..all three make me happy!

    My auto immune thing is my thorn in the flesh, but there have been some good things that have come from it. God is good.

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