Posted by: fionasmosaic | September 21, 2010

Retreat Summation

  WOW! What a great weekend! Fun, refreshment, and getting to know some new people. It was great!


The places we stayed were BEAUTIFUL! It was more like staying at a resort. The décor was lovely, the ladies in charge of the retreat took wonderful care of all of us. They were so thoughtful.


The teaching was fabulous. Embracing change, leaving behind our baggage and insecurity, viewing ourselves as women as God sees us, and turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones.


And of course we were at the beach……….my favorite place to sort out my thoughts. The ocean overwhelms me………just the sound and the smell is amazing, then I watch the waves and I am just undone.


I also stopped to hug my Shirley! She is the darling little widow that runs my favorite bed and breakfast.


I’m still planning my media unplug this Friday and Saturday. It will also be a good time to go over all the notes I took while on the retreat, and set some goals (thank you Rhonda!), and just really process all I have learned and heard.

Down time equals sanity......













What a great weekend!!! It’s the best women’s retreat I have ever been on. Thank you Family Life Church!!

Wouldn't you like to get away........


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