Posted by: fionasmosaic | September 15, 2010

Amish State of Mind



You are probably wondering what on earth the title is about. It’s just a phrase I use from time to time, when life gets overwhelming and I KNOW I need to do something about it.


I have read a fair amount of books having to do with the Amish, done some studying of them, got some Amish cookbooks, and have seen some of their handiwork. They worked out at my grandfather’s place dismanteling his barn, and did some absolutely gorgeous cabinetry at my cousin Tam’s house.


So what seems to stand out to me about the Amish? The overiding theme of being Amish is separation from the world. Couldn’t we all stand a couple days away from the world and it’s influences? Peace, tranquility, and less stress is NOT overated, and if we are honest, it’s something we all long for.




What else seems to stand out about them? We’ll for one their commitement to God first, then to their families, and their sense of community. Their homes and farms are beautiful………….well tended, tidy, and artistic. As business people they usually do work that is second to none, and conduct themselves with integrity.


A gorgeous Amish quilt!


I would never make it as an Amish person. For one thing I like music too much. I would need my CD player, and electricity is frowned upon. I also would have a hard time wearing the same thing every day, and wearing the same thing as everyone else. I’m not a super fashionista, but there is that tendency to be an individual. I also think that as a woman I may be a bit too vocal, I think maybe I might raise a few Amish eyebrows. I do think though that I would do well riding my horse to the grocery store, and do OK in the gardening department.


But I really truly do admire them. They have dedicated themselves to a life serving God, serving their families, and their community. OK, so maybe we have some things in common? The things I admire about them are things that I am trying to do too.


How would you like to curl up RIGHT HERE with a good book??




But here is where they have the advantage……they don’t have the media interruptions that we have. Their phones don’t ring off the hook, they are never interrupted by “this important news bulletin”, their computers don’t suck them into extra time spent, and their radios don’t blast obnoxious commercials.


So when life seems overwhelming to me, when so many things are pulling at me, and stressing me out, I purpose some time set aside (usually a couple of days) that I call my “Amish State of Mind”. I unplug, and I refocus.


Step one: I unplug. I stay off the computer, and the phone, I don’t watch TV or listen to the radio, I don’t read the paper. All of those can fill my mind with clutter and bad news. I do keep my cell phone with me, but I only answer calls from my family. Without all the interruptions I am much more able to refocus. Step two would be pretty much impossible to accomplish without step one. So unplug……I dare you.




Step Two: I refocus. What is the focus for Amish people-God, Family, Community. So to refocus….


  • I spend time with the Lord first. And not just a little time, I set aside some time to dig deep and seek the Lord to really refresh my soul.


  • Then I look to my family and make sure that their needs are met. Are they fed, clothed, do they have what they need for school, what about their emotions? Do they just need me to sit down and listen? Do need me to be involved in some fun or a special project? Or do they just need some encouragement?


  • Then the practical… I need to just do a couple loads of wash, or clean the kitchen to get things back to a more even keel. I only pick one or two things, because the big focus is God and my family, and that comes first.


  • Then I try to look around an find someone to bless. Give someone a ride somewhere if they need it, make a meal and take it to a family, or bake something and take it to the college kids. It just takes the focus off myself and onto someone else and what they may need. When was the last time you reached out to a sister just because?


This process of refocusing can take a day and sometimes two. But it is always time well spent. My own heart is refreshed in the Lord, my families needs are seen to, the house gets caught up, and then I turn my thoughts to someone else’s needs outside of our family.


After this especially crazy season of financial aid, student loans, and getting the girls moved, I am setting aside two days next week to unplug and refocus.


An “Amish State of Mind”-definitely something worth thinking about.


1 Thessalonians 4:11(a,b) says “and make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands……..


Blessed is the road home……



  1. I’m joining you. Thank you for this, Fi. Can I be you when I grow up?

    • Yes join me! That would be so fun! And then we’ll compare notes after wards. Just promise me you will actually take some down time, you need it sister, and I love you a lot.

  2. Great post Fi. I need to plan some unplugged time too. We are going camping next week and that forces it, but I am planning to do it at home soon also, because there is something about unplugging and staying home too. Blessings, T~

    • You are so right Tiff! And that IS one of the reasons I love going camping, it forces me to really slow down. You know what it’s like when you have a farm/ranch, going camp really is a vacation by comparison. LOL And then of course there is all that beauty that needs to be enjoyed……someone’s got to do it!

  3. You’re a good writer Mama.

    • What a sweet thing to say darlin! Do you have any idea how much I love you guys……. MUAH!!!!

  4. This was a great post, I enjoyed reading it. You covered all the bases. It would be good if we would live everyday this way, with that same mindset.


    • I have to remind myself often to stop, take a breather, and remind myself what’s important. Thanks for stopping in Gerie!

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