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Sweetest Thing Cupcakes!


Special note: PLEASE make sure you check out the end of the article for next week’s specials for Back-To-School, and a GREAT back to school special for the George Fox University students.


I have been haunting a place in town recently that I absolutely love!!! It is a delight to the senses. Just the sheer beauty of the place (the architecture and décor) is worth a look, but then you are rewarded with spectacular and creative treats, a wonderful atmosphere, fun background music, and free wi-fi. There are even tables and chairs out on the covered porch that I have thoroughly enjoyed on some of these perfect summer days we have had.


Sweetest Thing Cupcakes is owned by Ann and John Rhinehart, and located at:

2501 Portland Road Suite A

Newberg, Oregon 97132


It’s on the corner of Hwy. 99 and Elliot Rd. In a beautiful old Craftsman style house here in Newberg.



I was able to interview Ann recently. It was fun and inspiring to chat with someone who has had a dream come true. It may take hard work but it DOES HAPPEN.


Here’s the gist of our conversation!


Fiona: Was this a lifelong dream or a middle of the night idea?


Ann: This business was started on a prayer. It was a terrible time to open a business because of the economy. And the Obama administration was sinking money into existing small businesses to help keep them going, so there wasn’t extra money for businesses that wanted to open. The owners of this building paid for the renovations for us, it was a miracle. That doesn’t usually happen. They have been amazing people.




 This is a family thing, we met in the restaurant business, and my mom worked in her dad’s cafe. I LOVE to bake! And it was a friend’s idea to do the cupcakes. Some people thought it might be too trendy, but cupcakes have been around forever.


Fiona: So why cupcakes?


Ann: Cupcakes are fun! And in this economy when it costs a small fortune to take a family out to eat, you can take everyone to get a cupcake, then each one feels like they have had a treat and you didn’t break the bank. There is also lots of flavors so everyone can find something they like. Cupcakes are social and portable, you can take them anywhere.



Fiona: How do you get the inspiration for your flavor combinations?


Ann: I just bake what I love! And John has come up with some great ideas, like the “Breakfast In Bed” cupcake.


Fiona: What is in the “Breakfast In Bed” cupcake? 



 Ann: It is cinnamon cake, with maple spice buttercream, and bacon on top. It really is like eating cinnamon pancakes, with maple syrup, and bacon.


Breakfast In Bed! My new favorite!


Note to readers: I ate this cupcake and it was to DIE for. I bought one for my hubby as well, and he loved it.


Fiona: How long have you been in business here?


Ann: It will be a year, just before Halloween.



Fiona: Do you do any catering?


Ann: Yes we do! We do weddings and other events. People like that they get to choose a flavor of what they want. I have an assisant baker now to help out with events and weddings.


Ann and John have married almost 14 years, and have three children. Even the kids help out from time to time and on weekends there at Sweetest Thing. Ann said she feels like it teaches the kids a good work ethic to have them involved, and they like having the kids with them. Daycare in an absolute “no way” for this family. They work hard, they work hard together, and the kids benefit by seeing their mom and dad as a team.


Ann uses as many raw and natural ingredients as she can, and NO refined sugars. She also uses as much local produce and ingredients as possible. She uses milk and eggs from a local farm and dairy, local berries and hazelnuts, etc. She is a small business so she wants to help other small and local businesses too.



There are even gluten free cupcakes, so those folks that have had to give up gluten, don’t have to give up having a treat!


Ann also said they have fabulous employees, “I don’t know where we would be without them”. It’s gone from Ann, John and one employee, up to seven.


It is the perfect place to take your sweetheart for a spontaneous date (that’s easy on the wallet), your children or grandchildren (it is kid friendly), get together with your girlfriends, or guys grab a sweet treat and a coffee and take advantage of the free wifi.


I have had some amazing treats here! A chocolate chip scone with cinnamon ganache glaze, red velvet cupcake with cream cheese buttercream frosting, along with some other lovelies and hands down the best cup of hot chocolate I have ever had. And I have been buying hot chocolate since I was a kid……….always looking for that perfect cup.


This weeks special are:


The Back To School Special! On Tuesday September 7th, from 3-5pm Newberg/Dundee school children ages preschool up thru 8th grade get a free cupcake to celebrate being back to school. And for those kids not excited about going back to school this could soften the blow and sweeten their day. LOL


And for the Sherwood students: Wednesday September 8th, from 3-5pm is their special day to celebrate being back at school with a free cupcake! Ages preschool thru 8th grade.








George Fox University Special!! To celebrate the start of another year, and to welcome the students back to town for TWO WEEKS…..from September 7th-September 21st from 5-7pm every evening it’s a buy one cupcake, get one free cupcake special just for you GFU students! A fun and inexpensive date night! Or a great way to catch up with someone you haven’t seen all summer!


This is a great place, wonderful cupcakes and atmosphere, and a sweet family. Newberg peeps (and all my other local area friends), this town needs this delightful, small town place. Let’s continue to see them thrive in our strained U.S. economy by stopping in.


Here is their website if you want to take a look!





  1. Looks like an absolutely delicious place! 🙂 Can’t wait to visit someday!
    Happy day!


    • I’m just bummed we have to wait for a while before I can take you! But I’m looking forward to the day! Do you think you guys may come down at all for the holidays to see your folks?


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