Posted by: fionasmosaic | September 2, 2010

The Nest of the Story……


We teach them, we talk to them, we listen to them, we try to prepare them as best we can, and then it’s time to fly. Time to take the leap, while we stand by and watch.

Lord have mercy!! Who thought of that plan? And is it as hard on them as it is on us? I think it’s harder on us….to them it’s fun, a new adventure.

I always hate taking my girls back to school. Not only do I enjoy them very much, but once they leave I am outnumbered. Now it’s back to World War 2 movies and Star Wars, with some action adventure thrown in for good measure.

And of course I worry about them, are they eating enough, sleeping enough, are they being watchful and careful? I sleep with my cell phone.

I heard someone say once that having children is like your heart leaving your body and walking around on two legs. OK now times that times three……

 But all I can do, is all I can do (one of our favorite phrases around here). I can pray.

People, myself included, have used the phrase “putting them in God’s hands” like we are in charge and we are going to let God take care of them now. I can’t actually take them out of God’s hands, I do NOT have the power to do that. So they are in his hands where they have always been, and nothing has changed. I still need to pray for them, and while I’m at it, pray for myself that I get it together and realize that I’m not in charge and never have been. Ouchie.

I think really when we use that phrase, that it is more for our own benefit, that we just need a visual of them being in God’s hands. It comforts US. Maybe the Lord chuckles when we say we are putting them in his hands? Like he would actually let go of them just because we said, “OK God, I’m taking over now, and I’m just going to worry for a while until I get tired of it. Then I will put them back in your hands.”

I have an idea that he chuckles a LOT.     


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