Posted by: fionasmosaic | August 28, 2010

Breathe Deep

I am so overwhelmed. Financial aid issues, loan issues (the website isn’t working), trying to get everyone ready for school (girls still need groceries and I haven’t even started on Bubba’s school supplies!). I just got a large photo order last night I need to work on too. Plus I need to pay my bills, and do the grocery budget etc.

Where to begin???                                                      

I need to take a few minutes and remember that my heavenly father walks beside me, I need to remember that he looks at the big picture, not the little fire crackers that distract us. I need to remember that nobody is going to die if the loans don’t go through today.

So for now, I will close my eyes. I will remember the one who gave it all just so I wouldn’t have to walk this path alone. I will let his peace flood my heart and soul. I will take a deep breath. I will stay still. And for a little while……. I will just let him hold me. Then I will open my eyes and smile, because he is in charge.




    1. Oh this is such a beautiful and relaxing post!!! For sure no need to worry God is in total control,breath taking post just calms you down.Thanks for sharing,I’m going for a nap Jesus got it all.Have a fantastic day 😀 😀

      • Thanks Pat! I had just been typing it up in my journal (to remind myself) and I thought, you know, I am probably not the only one who needs to see this right now.
        God bless!

    2. Well done you, praying Peace

      • Thank you so much Denise! So nice to see you here! Come on in and look around!

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