Posted by: fionasmosaic | August 15, 2010

Squirrel Wars-Part One

  OK I love that God has a sense of humor……..I love that he sends a reality check every once in a while. I love that the story can then be told for years to come, and it STILL makes people laugh.


I have a love/hate relationship with squirrels. I love that they are cute, and I love…well….that they are really cute. OK I guess that’s about as far as it goes. In a later post I will tell you more about the on going squirrel war, and my attempts at “squirrel tolerance”. I have gone the extra mile where the squirrels are concerned, I really, really have.


It’s time for……the real story.



My love/hate relationship with squirrels began in 1989. It was the first PERFECT spring day in 1989. It was in early April, and my Sweet Hubby and I were taking our baby out in her stroller. Normally I took her in the front pack because the weather wasn’t great, but since it was SO lovely, we decided to take the stroller. We were really excited because it was the first lovely walk of the year.


We had been married for a few years, and we were SO enjoying the weather (it had been a LONG winter), the antics of our beautiful baby, and the conversation between the two of us. It was just a magical, perfect afternoon. We went on and on about how blessed we were, how sweet our baby was, how much we loved each other……..


And then it happened, and nothing could have prepared me for this………..


A squirrel pooped on me. There I was walking underneath a tree, and my Sweet Hubby and I were gazing into one another’s eyes and whispering sweet things to one another, and that blasted squirrel pooped on me.


At first my Sweet Hubby just looked at me. Then he clutched his gut with both hands, fell into the neighbors yard, and started rolling from side to side laughing hysterically.


I’m just standing there, with squirrel poop on me, looking like an idiot. OK I take that back, it really looked like the idiot was rolling in the neighbors yard, but I KNEW he had a really good reason to be laughing so hard. Although I confess that at that moment I was looking around to see if any of our neighbors had noticed Sweet Hubby rolling around in the neighbor’s yard. I also know though, if it had been the other way around, I definitely would have been the one rolling in the neighbor’s yard laughing my head off.


More on what the neighbor’s thought of us later……


I suggested that we head back to the house so I could get cleaned up. It took him a while to collect himself. When he did finally get around to it, I noticed he sheepishly looked around to see if anyone had noticed him rolling in the neighbor’s yard. Lucky for him, I don’t think anyone saw him.


So as we walked back to the house we were reminded that here we were going on about how perfect our life was at that moment, and we are flawed people, living in a flawed world, and it really does help to have a good sense of humor. There are times that the only thing you CAN do…….is laugh. We still giggle when we think of it, and the irony that we were going on and on about how perfect life was.


Nothing like a little squirrel poop to bring perspective, and a reality check.



More about squirrel wars later…….





  1. Upon reading the title, I immediately thought of my Dad. He and the squirrels had a love/hate relationship. I’m looking forward to more of your story.

    By the way, never heard of a squirrel pooping on someone until you. Sorry, had to laugh! 🙂

    • Unfortunately this is a 3 part saga!! But the chuckle factor is high. I feel your dad’s pain. LOLOL :o) Thanks for checking in Lee Ann!

  2. God definitely does have a good sense of humor. He knows that laughter heals us! Thanks for the giggle!

    • Thanks for coming and visiting Jess!! I’m so glad you stopped in!

      I don’t want to give it away, but the story gets even better and involves the audubon society, one of my students, my daughter, and squirrel revenge. But the names were changed to protect the guilty. Literally. LOLOL
      God bless you and your nice hubby!

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