Posted by: fionasmosaic | August 7, 2010

Changed My Life-Tithe of My Time


There are times in our lives when an idea or thought can have such a huge impact. It changes everything. It revolutionizes our thinking, and changes our lives forever.


I want to share one of those times with you.



I was attending a ladies bible study with ladies from my church. We met at a friend’s apartment on Monday evenings, and it was led by a good friend, Mary. It was such a sweet time.


This particular night we were discussing our quiet times with the Lord. It was great! We were comparing notes, what worked and what didn’t for us. Some of us preferred early mornings, some evenings. But one person, my friend Pam, said that the Lord spoke to her about her quiet time being a “tithe of her time”.


It’s an offering, the first fruits of our time, our special time with Jesus, and shouldn’t it be from our best time of day? These were all thoughts going through my head as we talked there that summer evening.


I decided that for me my best time of day is the morning, so that’s when I have my quiet time. How can I NOT, when he has done so much for me, offer this time to him? When he has covered, and blessed, and brought me through so much? Not only does he deserve it, but my days here on this earth belong to him anyway. I’m just giving back what rightfully belongs to him……me!



The other thing I love about meeting with him in the morning, is that I feel he directs me through my day that way, and he is in control. His expectations of me are so much kinder and gentler than I expect of myself, and his comes with an eternal value. Sometimes my expectations of the day don’t have that same eternal value, and he orders my day with the big picture in mind which sometime I lose sight of.


So what is typically your best time of day? Offer a portion of that to the Lord, and he WILL bless it.


This completely changed my thought process, and how I viewed my time with the Lord. It really truly changed my life, and it changed me.


God bless you today!




  1. This is really beautiful, Fiona, and so true. It is the quality of our offering that is important. You made me think about the best time that I can give Him. What a wonderful challenge!

    Thank you so much for stopping by. Blessings.

    • Thank you so much Tracy! I love your site! And thank you for stopping in. It’s so lovely to see a new face! God bless!

  2. What a beautiful way to think about quiet time!

    • Thanks for visiting Marcia! I appreciate the input. I checked out your blog……… precious. Enjoy the time. God bless!

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