Posted by: fionasmosaic | August 5, 2010

Another Giveaway!! WOW!

Hey peeps!! Another give away from my friend Melissa. It’s a terrific book called “Living With What You Love”. Look to the left of this blog page under “blogroll”, and click on Inspired Room. Then read and enjoy the article (It’s great!) then scroll to the bottom on the article and look for the header “Living With What You Love”. Click on it, enjoy the article, and leave a comment and your entered. I am loving all these give aways!! So fun!

And a heads up……it is blackberry season. I will be posting my famous wild blackberry pie recipe soon.

P.S. Then YES Holly….I will be posting the chicken spaghetti recipe next week.



  1. Yummy, I will be watching for that Blackberry Pie recipe. My kids like to pick those buggers and they sure are sweet right now.

    We love Chicken Spaghetti!

    • There is nothing like blackberry pie!! And the wild berries are so divine! This is the time of year when I have them on my breakfast every morning, and snack on them in the afternoon. Hugs to you Tiff!

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