Posted by: fionasmosaic | July 31, 2010

Fun With Paint


OK! Here is the paint treatment I promised! It is in the dining room, but I needed something that would work with the teal carpet (that I am NOT wild about). I wanted to warm it up a bit in here but I didn’t want it to be overly nuetral either. So this is what I came up with, and I felt like I could add some fun accent colors from time to time when I want……maybe gold or a pretty burgundy.






The base color on the walls is called “Sandstone Cove”. Then I sponged on “Castle Path” over the top of that, and then “Bridal Veil” over that. All colors by Behr from home depot. I bought my sea sponge that I did the sponging with at Home Depot as well.







My mom and I went and picked out two gorgeous chairs for both ends of the table, then had the two end chairs covered with this lovely “vintage” reproduction tapestry fabric and Nana recovered the 6 side chairs.











LOOOOOVE this fabric!!!






We also picked out a new china cabinet, note how pretty it looks with the chairs!!


Papa put up the great chair rail, which I painted white. Then he put up the medallion under the chandelier for me! Papa’s are so handy!




When we were all done…we looked at it and mom said, “Now that it’s so pretty those windows look really bad…..” So the windows got ripped out! I was NOT sorry to see them go as they were old steel single pane windows. And they got replaced with really pretty windows, one of which has a window seat! Oh joy of my exhistance! Well…..and joy of the kitties exhistance. Move over kitties!







Kitty Window Seat












I still need to finish the window trim and window seat, and fix a couple spots from the window installers. Then the finishing touch will be the window decor., and putting our things back up on the walls.







Eventually we will be ripping out the carpet and re-doing the hardwood floors, but with two dogs, three cats, and seven people we have to move everyone out of the house for a week to accomplish that. It’s the main part of the house, and also the central part. Absolutely impossible to work on the floors with everyone here. So we are hoping to work on it when some of us need to go to California, and then we’ll park all the animals at the vets.



I’ll keep you posted!!


Just in case you were wondering…Nana and Papa live with us. And as I am so fond of saying, it’s the Walton’s but with a microwave!!



  1. Beautiful, Fiona!

    • Thank you so much Holley! What an honor to have you for a visit!

      I love your blog, and what you have to share with the world. It needs it. I need it. :o) My storm clouds have parted, and the SON is shining, but there’s some clean up that needs to be done.
      Lord bless you Holley!!
      Hugs, Fi

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