Posted by: fionasmosaic | July 25, 2010

Our House-Some Decorating Thoughts

 What a subject! Sometimes it’s the most intimidating subject….because so much of our personality is wrapped up in it. And we want people to like our personality, but we also want to be ourselves and do things how we want them.

 Quite a while ago I had spotted a table at an antique store outside of town. LOOOOVED the table! Loved that it was from a London pub (ohhhhhh the stories it could tell-maybe it’s even seen a really good brawl or two!). But I kept thinking “maybe it doesn’t really go with what I have already”. So I was talking to a dear friend and fellow antique freak about it, and she said, “Do you love it?” I said yes, then she said, “Life is too short, if you love it then get it. You’ll know what to do with it.” Some of the best advice I have ever had on decorating, and SO freeing!!

 For years (and we have been here years!) it’s been the majority of stuff that for the most part doesn’t show. Plumbing, electrical, a new furnace, well work, taking out a tree, and patching the studio roof.

 Finally we are getting to the stage where we can do some decorating. We have done a little here and there, but it’s time to get crackin! I am so eager to get going. I have scavenged through lots of books, perused lots of decorating blogs (see my faves in the blogroll to the right side of this page), gone to lots of garage sales, thrift stores, rummage sales, estate and barn sales, and I am ready to roll!

 But the goal is to surround ourselves with comfort, colors that we love, and things that are special to us. We also don’t want to break the bank, and it needs to be animal friendly. Because the cats and dogs are staying!

 One reason I started this blog (there were several) was because I thought it would be fun to document the changes as we make them. I wish I had something like this when I was redoing my house in the city. It’s so fun to look back at pictures and video and see just how much we had accomplished, and it gives you hope for what you still have left to do.

 I’ll give you a brief description of our place.

Love this place........

 It’s an old farmhouse and barn from the 1930’s that sits on six acres. The livingroom is the original house. Then in 1952 the house was remodeled by “Doc Wilson”. The Wilsons bumped it out on all four sides, added a second floor, built a garage, and added onto the barn. The Wareham’s bought it from the Wilsons and added more to the barn, built an indoor riding arena, and a worskshop. Papa added the little greenhouse.

 There is a collapsed house behind the arena that fell off it’s foundations years ago. It was like a little studio, with a kitchen and bathroom. Someday I would love to get into it and scavenge some old plumbing fixtures etc. My son said he would help me. My daughters and I call it the “Disappointed House” just in case there are any Lucy Maude Montgomery fans out there.

 Back to the main house, it has some quirky features. There are parts where the floor is uneven, some cracks from the house settling, no heat in my room etc. But some really amazing features too! Like a root cellar room with a tiny door and a step up into it, a sunporch with a tongue in groove ceiling, pretty archways in the main section of the house, beautiful retro tile in the bathrooms, coved ceilings, wood floors through most of the house (most of it under carpet), a fireplace, and more. Great bones and personality in this house.

 There are 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (2 full, 2 half). And it has the normal livingroom, kitchen, laundryroom, and diningroom. But it also has some extras we were super excited about when we moved here, a library, an office, a sunporch, a basement, and a mudroom. Counting the sunporch and basement it’s about 4500 square feet. It is a large place, but it’s a good thing since there are seven of us. And it’s not uncommon for us to have extras…often.

 As far as the grounds go, the house sits on about an acre and a half. And there is about four and a half acres fenced. There is a small orchard (apples, pears, plums, cherries,) grape vines, a berry patch (blackberries, raspberries, marionberries), and a large garden. There is also a formal rose garden, a gazebo, and a large back patio.

 SO MUCH possibility here! I am living in my dream house. It may not be just what I envision yet, but that’s OK. It is still my dream house in the middle of the country.



  1. Sounds like such a lovely place! It is about the same size as our old house and it was sure wonderful when my parents lived with us part of the week…having seven under one roof makes that size of house feel about right! Especially when you often double the amount of teenagers and kids underfoot…

    I know you’ll have a wonderful time decorating your home. I know how it goes, our house took a lot of behind the scenes TLC and we really didn’t get to the decorating part before we had to move! That is the funnest part of all so glad you get the opportunity to do it!

    • It does need extra people to feel homey. When it was just the five of us here it seemed empty without my folks…..lots of extra teenagers helps too!

      You’ll have to come see it sometime when your down here! I’d love to show you around.

  2. Okay Fi, I’m gonna need to see that table!

    • Ooooooo, your going to LOVE that table!! It looks like a dark oak finish on the underneath part, but tha top is hammered copper! SO cool! But it is SO sturdy that two six foot college boys can sit on it, my dogs have knocked it over wrestling (at the time that was about 100lbs worth of dog!), and you can put cold drinks on it without it ruining it.
      Love love love that table!!!!

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