Posted by: fionasmosaic | July 16, 2010

Grammy’s Rose (Flower) Globe


The other day I posted a picture of a flower globe. I decided to tell you the story behind it, and I found a link so that if any of you want to purchase one YOU CAN!!! How cool is that??

When I was a young girl, my grandparents lived close by to us. Close enough that I could ride my bike there. That was my haven, my escape when life was stressful. My grandmother and I were very close, especially after we lost grandad. We just sort of needed each other I think.

One of my favorite things to do while I was there was put the roses in the flower globe. My grandmother always had roses. She would send me out with the scissors, and I would come back with a handful of the beauties. We would take our time arranging them and ooooing and ahhhhhing over how beautful they were and how they smelled. It was my special job when I was there.

A few years ago my mom found one at a local nursery, and got it for me for my birthday. I love putting the flowers in it. You can put flowers other than roses in it, but they are my special favorites. I love the way the air bubbles coat the petals like liquid silver edging….. it’s SO BEAUTIFUL.

My grandmother loved roses, they were her favorites. And as each of the grandchildren bought their first home, she bought each one their first rose bush for their yard.

My bush is a “Queen Elizabeth”, one of her favorites of the pink varieties. She took me shopping and we picked it out together. It was planted in 1987 in Portland, Oregon.



Queen Elizabeth Rose

Later when it came time for us to move in 1999 I told my hubby I would not leave unless we took it with us. So on a 98 degree day in July, my sweet hubby and my sweet daddy dug it up for me and put it into a pot. It survived two moves and then was finally replanted in the spring of 2000. It has flourished, and I’m so grateful I didn’t have to leave it behind.

In the pictures I posted….the lovely pink roses are from my “Queen Elizabeth”, my very first rosebush, the one I picked out with my grammy. I have had that rosebush longer than I have had my children. :o)

Here’s the link below if you should choose to purchase a flower globe. They run about $10.00.




  1. The rose is beautiful! How cool that you were able to move it successfully.

    • Thanks for the comment Charlene! It is lovely isn’t it? How do you like the blog so far?

  2. I wished I could fund one. Had one when I was a child. Would love to find a source.

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