Posted by: fionasmosaic | July 10, 2010

Coming Home…….

There is nothing like that feeling of coming home, especially when you have been gone for a while. The sound of the tires hitting the driveway…..the color, the smell, it’s all so good. Sometimes people run to meet you, sometimes it’s peaceful and still when you come home, but there is nothing like that feeling.



Coming home….


I unpack my bag and begin to put things where they belong. I don’t put it off anymore like I used to because I am anxious for everything to be back in place, and to get away from the feeling of being unsettled. There is a certain satisfaction in coming home and getting unpacked immediately. We are back where we belong, and we can get back to doing what needs to be done, so we can move on and do what we want to.

The animals are all so happy we are home. The dogs go crazy, and the cats have to purr loudly and rub against our legs while we try to walk. The horse runs up to the fence for a scratch on the nose, and the chickens are even happy!

Friends that wait for our return…..

Home is a place of peace and serenity……….laughter, sweet music, and family love.

The flowers are blooming, the breeze is just as it should be, the sweet voices fall on my ears. I’m so happy to be home, I love it here.



  1. Welcome home, Fiona & family! : )

  2. It’s great that you’ve made your home a place to welcome you back to, that there’s peace there! My home is a place of peace for me, also.

    Loved your earlier story about the eggs in the fridge, too! And the one about puttering, and creativity. How we all need to exercise our imagination or creativity. But you’re right, the summer (or winter) doesn’t last long enough to actually satisfy our creative itch.

    I think I get more pleasure from the “dreaming” about creating beauty, envisioning projects, than I do out of the hard work of actually “making” things. And oh, I do use Photoshop constantly. Love the color and shape changing filters that create such wonderful, unexpected designs of digital art.

    • Thank you for your comment! There are days it’s not quite as peaceful (like when all the college kids are coming back to town), but we definitely keep a slower pace here.
      God bless!

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