Posted by: fionasmosaic | July 3, 2010

A Ramble Through the Scottish Countryside….

  So my daughters got a postcard from a friend (she’s also one of my college girls). The photograph is of a beautiful Scottish castle. I admired the photograph, and my middle daughter said, “Yeah, she said that this is where she has been staying for the last two weeks.” What!! Are you kidding me?  

 Scotland, Ireland, and England…….the three places I wish most to visit someday. So I looked up some pictures to share with you all on this very scottish, gentle, misty rain kind of day.  

 Put on some celtic music (my favorite!), make a bracing cup of tea, and stroll through a bit of Scotland with me…………but don’t expect me to put on my kilt at the moment because I can’t fit into it yet!  

Grace is staying in Overtoun House.  





House??? You mean castle!

I'm guessing this is the backdoor..It even has it's own bridge. I LOVE bridges!



   There isn’t a picture of it here, but the even have a TEA ROOM! How heavenly!  


As a descendant of Clan Lindsay and Sir Richard Cobb the “Gallant Scot”, I had to include the family castle too.    

Original Clan Lindsay Castle

The West Wall





The Garden


The Summer House



The Coat of Arms

As Ann of Green Gables would say, “So much scope for the imagination”, but as I look out my back window on the misty hillside, and see how green and lovely it is……I think I just need to go buy some sheep to complete the look! 

Oh gosh hunny! Hi! What’s that I have in the truck??? Oh you know me……not too worry, they won’t eat much. Look at their little faces! Yes, our back door farmer still has plenty of hay.”  
 Good thing he puts up with me!  


 But on this rainy, misty, scottish sort of day………I think I will put on a good BBC movie (maybe a Jane Austen), make some hot tea, fold some laundry, and wish I was there with Grace.     







  1. Fantastic Fiona! Wonderful to dream and pretend to be at a castle with sheep on the grassy hillside! 🙂

    • Pretty easy to dream here! Looking forward to having a group of ACA girls here at my place soon! I’ll keep you posted! Hugs!

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