Posted by: fionasmosaic | June 29, 2010

The Art of Puttering

I think we underestimate the need to putter every so often. Puttering is going where the day takes you, tying up loose ends, maybe doing something you WANT to instead of doing something you have to, puttering is NOT HAVING A PLAN. Puttering also implies a lack of speed………….moving slowly, sometimes and sometimes not, intentionally.

Filling the flower globe….

I love puttering and putting things in order……doing it slowly, enjoying the free time to actually enjoy the process. Sometime we rush through life at a speed which is shameful, we actually miss out on so much just because we don’t have the time to stop and look. What are some things that we do every day where we could just enjoy the moment while we live it?? Dishes??? I enjoy the sound of the water, and the smell of the dish soap, the feel of the heat through my rubber gloves. Sometimes I ache because of my auto-immune condition, so the heat is especially lovely in the joints in my hands.

I know it sounds silly, but I LOVE hanging my clothes out to dry. The smell of the fresh laundry, the sound of the birds, and the breeze on my face all make me want to stop and slow down out there.

I hung some wash out, tidied up the kitchen, put some things away, prepared a pot for flowers (I have some to plant today), and filled the flower globe with roses. I plan to putter the day away…….how lovely is that?

So today I will putter. I want to go where the day leads me, and be free to follow my nose………be it ever so slowly.

Something lovely….



  1. A day of puttering sounds good to me.

    • I took a look at your website!! It’s just darling! We just finished doing the Dave Ramsey course. It has changed everything for us!

      And definitely take some time to putter, it’s good for the soul. I have to schedule a day probably once or twice a month.
      God bless!

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