Posted by: fionasmosaic | June 21, 2010

Egg-zactly What We Needed!!


I was having a tough day last week. SOME members of our family were a wee bit cranky. I promise you I wasn’t one of them….at least not that day. ;o)

So I’m puttering around the house, trying to put my day in order. And there was no two ways about it, it just wasn’t a good day. I decided to make myself some breakfast and I went to the refrigerator to get an egg…………and this is what I found.


I laughed and laughed!! Then I went and got different members of our family to go look in the refrigerator. It lightened the mood in the house, and definitely brightened my day.

There is nothing like a good shot of humor to change your outlook. Sometimes WE are the mood brighteners……sometimes it takes a little effort.

Now which one of these poor, terrified eggs do you think I used first??? The one on the left that only looked mildly sad. It didn’t seem too awfully upset.


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