Posted by: fionasmosaic | June 19, 2010

Design Time

Summer (hopefully!) will be soon upon us. Our weather has been wretched!

But I need to make a list of the things that I want to accomplish this season. I want to (NEED to) have some serious creative time………..some time to get truly inspired.

I’m trying to set aside time each week as “design time”. I desperately need to have some uninterrupted time for creativity if I’m going to move forward in my chosen area of work. But frankly it’s also for my sanity…..

I put it on my schedule, block it out, and tell people I am booked. If I don’t it never happens, and I don’t accomplish it.

I was talking to my daughter about it this morning and she even said she might like to join me in my “design time”.

So here’s some of the things that I want to do this summer:

  1. I want to do some sewing, nothing major, but I want to do some lavender bags that you heat in the microwave.
  2. I want to do some more hand tinting of black and white photographs
  3. I also want to do some photo painting, where you actually paint right onto the photograph
  4. I want to get a photoshop for dummies book, and work on the creative side of photoshopping
  5. Do some more rubber stamping and watercolors on cards
  6. More soap
  7. More candles
  8. OK maybe even some fun new recipes!!

The possibilities are endless……….but the summer, isn’t. So plan! What lovely, creative thing (or things) do you want to do this summer?


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